The Asteras Commercial Supermarket Group SA was founded in 1993 and was the first venture in which Greek retail businesses came together in an alliance whose members would be able to compete with large national and international businesses and play a key role in retail developments in Greece. Over the years, and following many changes in its composition, Asteras has established an active role and outlook for itself and its members. The  integration of new technologies, the appointment of professional staff and above all, the management's vision that the Asteras Group should be a new force in retail, have to a great extent been achieved, making it an organisation that is ideal for advancing its members' interests. Benefits from central agreements with suppliers, a wide range of private-label products, promotional material, store set-up and renovation services, and IT and legal services for the Group's members, create an environment in which members develop their commercial potential and the optimum conditions exist for consumers to enjoy reasonable prices and high-quality products.

The involvement of the Group's members in industry seminars and presentations means that they are aware of the latest developments in the industry. This creates a momentum which the Group is exploiting to the benefit of its members, with new ideas in the field of retail.